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What to do while travelling abroad for the first time

It’s happening. You’re on your first international trip! It’s new and exciting, but if it’s the first time you’re travelling abroad, it’s also sometimes a lot to take in. Here are some tips on how to survive your layover, remember all the sites you see on your holiday, navigate a new country, avoid losing items while travelling, and appreciate your first time overseas.

What to do before travelling abroad for the first time

So you've saved up and you're finally going to put your passport to use and take that trip you've been dreaming about! It's exciting (yay for adventure!), but if it's your first time travelling abroad, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you plan your travels, from booking flights and accommodation to applying for visas, packing for your holiday and navigating a new country. There's also a free checklist to print out and help you plan your trip!